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Course Contents

For Oviedo TEFL Centre awareness is a key issue; if you know how and why you will be able to cope with all the challenges of this profession. In the theoretical part of the courses we will set the foundations and focus on the reasons for the practice. In the practice stage you will be given all the necessary tools for standing in front of a class with the confidence you need to succeed from the very first day.



  • Practical experience teaching different language levels and ages
  • Regular feedback and discussion sessions with your tutors
  • Observation of qualified and experienced teachers
  • Theoretical background
  • Practical approach to classroom management and lesson planning


  • The learner, the teacher and the teaching/learning context
  • Language awareness
  • Teaching areas, skills and subskills
  • Teaching skills and professionalism


Part 1 Theory (75 hours)
(We will follow the CELTA Course book and we will cover four main areas)

     1. The learners, the teacher and                their contexts

  • Motivation
  • Learning styles
  • Learning vs. acquisition
  • Learner training
  • Learning vs. teaching
  • The role of the teacher
  • Classroom management

     2. Language analysis


  • Grammar
  • Lexis
  • Phonology
  • Varieties of English
  • L1 vs. L2

    3. Teaching Areas, Skills and


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Vocabulary
  • Exam preparation

     4. Teaching skills and


  • Classroom language
  • Effective teaching
  • Use of resources*
  • Assessment
  • Research
  • Job application
* By resources we mean: audio, visual, IT, education 2.0.


Part 2 Practice (60 hours - including 12 one-hour lessons for teaching practice prior to assessment)

     1. Observation

  • Ethics
  • Purpose
  • Collating results
  • Peer observation

     2. Lesson planning

  • Effective and practical plans
  • Sources of materials
  • Adapting materials and resources

    3. Teaching Practice

  • Micro-teaching
  • Real group

     4. Feedback

  • Group
  • Peer
  • Individual

Part 3 Self-study Pack (45 hours)



The Teacher Portfolio will include

  • all the work done throughout the course
  • lesson plans (the complete process, drafts and final versions)
  • handouts and materials
  • assignments
  • feedback forms
  • observation forms
  • reflection (e.g. teacher's log)
  • A final task to compare to the pre-course task and hence analyse the outcome and see if your expectations were fulfilled

Part 1 Theory

  • Four written assignments (To be handed in at the every 5 sessions)

Part 2 Practice

  • Teaching practice of two full lessons including skills, grammar presentation and vocabulary.

"... Guest teachers also gave lessons, exposing us to many different methods and styles of teaching.  With opportunities to lesson plan and teach with real students in the classroom, personalized feedback, and plenty of theory to learn innovative and dynamic teaching techniques, ..."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sylvia

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