TEFL Courses

All our TEFL courses have the same contents and overall length but in order to adapt to your work schedule and your specific needs, we have devised different options:


TEFL for Non-native Speakers of English

New option: our TEFL Programme + C1 or C2

Our standard TEFL Programme consists of 200 hours of exposure to English in all 4 skills. This already helps both the native and the non-native speakers of English develop their linguistic ability enormously. However, this is not the only advantage of our new programme because the skills required to be a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language when your mother tongue is different form your learner's are different form those required when you share mother tongue and cultural background. This is a great advantage and we can help you make the most of it. Same content, same certificate but a different approach.


If you are a philologist or you have a high level of English or you have just finished your Masters in Education but you still do not know how to approach a class and how to help your learners learn, this course will enable you do it. At the same time we wiil help you develop your English and once you have reached the level required you can do a 24-hour Exam Practice module and take your C1 or C2


For further information see Course Contents



Blended TEFL


New option: blended learning = 60% online + 40% face to face 


In a three-month window period, you will cover the three components of our TEFL Certificate. The self-study component (Module 1) and the Input Sessions (Module 2) will be uploaded on a moodle platform, comprising materials for 6 weeks each, the Teaching Practice component (Module 3) will be agreed with each participant to meet everybody's needs in the best possible way but it will start after the 9th Session of Module 2.



For further information see Course Contents


Intensive 4 to 6-week courses


Specially designed for native speakers who want an immersion programme to start a new career or for those who would like to become professional in teaching in a short period of time. This intensive course will take you in only twenty days to the doorstep of a classroom with a wealth of knowledge and an eagerness to put it all into practice.


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Non-intensive 8-week or 12-week courses


Option A - At your own pace!


– Input sessions: 6 weeks, 3 times a week, 3 sessions p/ day.

- Recieve the self-study pack when you enrol and start getting ready for the course.

- Teaching practice: You choose when to start but you have to finish between week 8 and week 12 (you decide when and how long it will take you to do the teaching practice).


Ideal for practising and non-practising teachers who want to become more professional or want to improve their teaching skills. For those who choose a more relaxed course with more consolidation time or who due to work constraints cannot devote the whole day/ week to their training course, this programme allows you to acquire and put into practice all the information you require to be a professional teacher with the guidance of a tutor at a relaxed and enjoyable pace.


For further information see Course Contents


Option B - One week immersion and 3-month guidance


One intensive 40-hour week, 12 weekly 5-hour sessions and a self-study component

Specially designed for Language Assistants; this course consists of an immersion theoretical input week and three months of practical aspects, lesson planning and classroom management together with guidance, counselling and further theoretical background. In this stage of the course you will consolidate all the input and you will develop the tools to be ready for the challenge of teaching in a High School.


For further information see Course Contents


Important note:

  • Intensive and non-intensive course participants can take the international TKT Cambridge exam at the end of their course.
  • A CLIL, YLE or ESP module can follow the intitial TEFL course upon request             

Entry Requirements

To attend courses at Oviedo TEFL Centre you need to:

  • Have a standard of education which would allow you entry to higher education in your own country.
  • Have an awareness of language and a competence in English, both written and spoken, that would enable you to follow the course and complete all assessed elements successfully (native, near-native, C2 CEFR).
  • Be over 18.

To obtain the necessary information about your previous knowledge, your needs as a learner and your needs as a teacher, you need to fill in an application form and a pre-course task (intensive course only), the latter includes an extended writing task.

"If you are starting out in the world of EFL teaching, I fully recommend Oviedo TEFL centre. ... If you are planning to do the intensive course – be warned, it is called intensive for a reason!"

Stevie Preater

4-week Programme Trainee


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