TEFB - Teaching English for Business


This course is specially intended for native and non-native teachers of English who are willing to explore the wonders of In company Teaching. This is a 60-hour* course which walks you through the range of topics and content areas most commonly found in the business world (marketing, finance or banking among many others). Besides business topics, the course will give you an insight into business skills (presentations, meetings) while receiving a comprehensive update in methodological trends, including the most appropriate approaches for teaching business people. 

* You can also choose a non-intensive, blended, 80-hour option  



  • Theoretical background
  • Practical experience teaching different language levels and business areas
  • Practical approach to classroom management and lesson planning



In this course we will develop three main areas:

  • The what: Business English
  • The who: The learner
  • the how: The course


We will follow Teach Business English: a comprehensive introduction to business English (S. Donna, 2000) and How to Teach Business English (E. Frendo, 2005) and we will cover the following areas:



   1. Business English

         2. The learner

      3. The course

  • Business Speaking Skills
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Business Strategies
  • Business Topics
  • Role of grammar
  • Learner needs
  • Language Level and in-company position
  • Motivating In company learners
  • Customer care
  • Learning vs. Teaching
  • Classroom management (Teaching small groups and teaching 1:1)
  • Objectives
  • Planning
  • Materials
  • Case studies
  • Distance learning
  • Evaluation


For further information see Sample Programme


2 weeks

every morning from 9.30 to 15.30




2 weekends

Friday to Sunday from 9.30 to 20.30



The course is LCCI oriented (FTBE) but an attendance certificate will be awarded, including a detailed description of the course.

* Exam fee not included