December 2013
December 2013

Our TKT Courses


In Oviedo TEFL Centre, we offer a variety of courses and modules in the area of Teaching English as a Foreign Language and we also offer a specific TKT oriented course. This course consists of 40 hour-components to prepare each of the TKT modules. Each module can be done independently or combined with others depending on your study availability. At the end of each module you can take the international exam or wait until you finish the complete series and take them altogether.


These are blended modules, which means that 20 hours are face to face and the other 20 are delivered in a moodle platform. This allows for much more flexibility at the time you learn by doing as you will be experiencing the latest in teaching trends. 

But nobody explains what the TKT exam is about better than the University of Cambridge and this is what they say in their website:


and in their brochure:

TKT All Modules
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TKT is rapidly gaining recognition and it will grow fast in the near future for various reasons, among them it is perfectly suitable for both native and non-native which is an advantage locally and another key aspect is that provides the tools to teach all ages and in schools not only in language schools. For further information about recognition click here

TKT Programmes

Modules 1+2+3

Open groups
 - Fixed dates (once a week/ 3-h sessions) (SEE HOME PAGE)
Closed groups
- On demand
Total 60 hours (30 face2face/ 30 distance)


Price: 695€ (Exam Fee Included)

(minimum number of participants 4) 

TKT CLIL/Young Learners

Open roups
 - Fixed dates (four 5-hour sessions) (SEE HOME PAGE)
Closed groups
- On demand
Total 40 hours (20 face2face/ 20 distance)


Price: 395€ (Exam Fee NOT Included)

(minimum number of participants 4) 

"... If you are a non-native teacher willing to go beyond the traditional role of the language teacher in the Spanish teaching system this is definitely the ideal course to get a different perspective that will enrich your teaching skills and perception."


Almudena Nido

Phylologist, Blended TEFL trainee